Why is Being Humble Important?

The Archangels Answer the Question

Jodie Helm
4 min readMay 27


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I mentioned in an article earlier this week that one of my gifts is self-confidence. When I was younger, you might have described me as cocky. A professor once told my son that the difference between being cocky and being self-confident is about twenty years. I’m not sure if that’s due to wisdom gained or being hit with a dose of reality in the adult world.

While I’m still self-confident, I am no longer cocky, thank goodness. Life has taught me many things, and humility is one of them. I truly do believe I’m as worthy and valuable as anyone else on the planet, but I don’t think I’m more worthy or valuable than anyone. We all serve a purpose, and we’re all important. Lessons in humility are very unpleasant in most cases. There’s nothing like being taken down a peg or two or having to eat crow. I consciously work on remaining humble, so I hopefully don’t have to be humbled ever again. It’s a good and memorable life lesson.

Because I’m always conscious about remaining humble, I asked the Archangels for guidance on how to live a humble life and why it’s important. Their response follows.

Question: Why is being humble important?


To be humble is to be grounded. Regardless of accomplishments, if you are humble, you do not consider yourself to be above others. You acknowledge that you had help along the way, even if it is only guidance or the gifts with which you were blessed.

Humble people do not brag about their accomplishments. It is one thing to take credit for your efforts, and another to point out your achievements and brag about them. You should celebrate your victories and feel good about them, but whether or not others know about them should not be of great importance. Resist the urge to compare yourself with others.

Everyone on the planet is of equal value, regardless of what they create with their life. All souls agree to do something on Earth that serves humanity in some way. All souls have a purpose that serves others. Your purpose is tied to your gifts. You were gifted in a way that will help you complete your purpose.



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