When the Veil Lifts …

What Will We See?


Photo by Gwen Mamanoleas on Unsplash

I’ve shared in previous articles that the veil surrounding us, separating us from the other dimensions, is thinning and will someday be gone entirely. I wondered about what changes we can expect, so I asked the Archangels. Their response follows.

Question: When the veil is lifted, what are we likely to see?


You will be able to see visitors and their transportation from other worlds, more planets and stars, and more beauty. You will not see any hint of ET’s, however, until the Earth returns to the safe haven it once was for ET’s before The Fall, as the Earth is not currently safe for ET visitors. Some of you will be able to see portals and boundaries to other dimensions. However, it is more than what you will see; you will sense much more, also.

Between the veil lifting completely and technological help from other worlds, it is likely your air will be cleaner, and the climate more stable, with fewer natural disasters.

In addition to what you can see, you are much more likely to connect with your Guides through whatever “clair” is strongest with you, and you will be able to communicate often. By that time, most people will be more aware of their Guides and seek out connections.

Angels and Ascended Masters will also become more visible to some. Many of you will be able to communicate with them at some point, and with The Creator of All, as well.

Everything around you will appear more vibrant, and the overall frequency of the planet as well as the collective consciousness will rise much higher, creating a much more peaceful place in which to live. This is already well under way.

More people will become very sensitive to energy. They will be able to distinguish frequencies of Guides and will feel the differences between high and low frequencies. Many will begin to see others’ auras, which adds to color and vibrancy everywhere.

In short, there will be a new awareness of all that is of the Earth and its beauty, and more people will make the effort to heal and protect the planet. People will realize that the Earth is a living entity.



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