When Does Life Begin?

The Archangels Address the Controversy at the Heart of IVF and Abortion


Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

I received an email yesterday regarding the IVF controversy around when life begins, which was newly triggered by the Alabama court system’s decision that has already affected IVF procedures. There are some topics I prefer not to involve myself in, because the fallout is sometimes not worth it to me. What some people don’t consider is that I can’t and won’t change the Angels’ answer or response, simply because they or I disagree with it. I would never do that. I would never misrepresent the Angels’ point of view, whether I agree with it or not, and sometimes, we don’t agree (although they usually have very good points for reconsideration). I almost declined to channel an answer to this, but the Angels stepped in and guided me to ask them for a response. It was not what I expected, and it follows.

Question: With all the controversy regarding IVF and abortion, would you please address the question of when life begins?


We will, however it is not the answer that will satisfy either side of this controversy, more than likely. We will include some thoughts for you to ponder further, but our view of when life begins is very



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