What Needs to Happen

The Archangels Give Us a Checklist


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The Archangels keep saying we’re making great progress on “fixing” the world, but it’s hard to see, isn’t it? I mean, I can see a few things changing or at least there are more people interested in changing things, but it’s not like the media shows those stories and gives us hope and encouragement of any kind. So, I asked the Angels what needed to happen before all of us can see that things are getting much better. Their response follows.

Question: Can you please tell us what needs to happen before we can “get ahead” of all this chaos and start making obvious progress and finding sustainable solutions to our problems?


It sounds like you want a checklist. We can give you one, but each item is connected, just as you all are connected. It is not a “to do list” as much as a “to become” list. We will explain.

First, we would say that, although many of you do not see obvious progress being made, we do. You do not have our world or universal view, we understand, and media coverage doesn’t help, but we wish to tell you that you continue to make significant progress. More people than not are feeling some of the differences in the higher dimension energetically and consciously, whether or not they know why. For those who have not felt a difference, it is because they either do not recognize it or they suppress it.

The masses are beginning to band together, although this is not as common yet. It will be eventually and continues to grow as unity forms and increases. You are definitely headed in a better direction. Having said that, you have quite a ways to go yet, but focus on the fact that the speed and increase of changes has never been greater or more promising than it is now.

There are some things that must receive vast increases in support from the masses before everyone will be aware of major changes. Some of them are an embracing of diversity, equal respect and acceptance of personal choices, the belief that everyone has equal worth and value, more participation from the masses, and releasing the “us and them” mindset and replacing it with a unity



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