What Do Our Dreams Mean?

The Archangels Tell Us All About Them

Jodie Helm
8 min readJan 21


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I had a comment from a reader asking what the Archangels had to say about dreams, and it sounded interesting. I’ve asked personal questions regarding some of my dreams, but I hadn’t asked for general information until today, and it was such an interesting message. I learned some new stuff! Below is what they said.

Question: What can you tell us about dreams? Do they have meaning? Is there a way to analyze them? Are they just a way the brain processes information?


There are several types of dreams, and they serve different purposes, especially since The Shift began. There is no one size fits all explanation or interpretation of dreams, as people are all very different, and so are their dreams.

The simplest dreams are those which are in response to recent experiences. They are usually produced by the mind and help process information and occurrences that impacted the person in various ways. Also, the brain learns by comparing and contrasting what it already knows with the new knowledge it gains. These are usually easy to identify, and you can often make a connection between the dream and a recent event, knowing the event likely triggered the dream.

Lucid dreaming, as some call it, is when people take an active, aware role in their dream, and these often serve as messages from your Guides or your soul. They may include familiar settings, people, and events, or not. The dreamer often acts out or witnesses a message sent to help or guide them. Usually, the dreamer knows they are dreaming, and the clarity and involvement of the human senses during the dream assists in interpreting and remembering it.

When our channel dreams of deceased family members and friends, she truly does visit and interact with them. They are almost always happy dreams, because love is driving them. Often, dreams like these seem very real, because they are, and they take place in familiar settings with familiar people. While the setting and people are familiar and based on memories, the conversations are new.



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