We’ve All Been Brainwashed

But It’s Not Working Anymore

Jodie Helm
7 min readAug 7, 2022


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As chaotic as things are, and knowing they’re likely to get worse before they get better, our world is changing. Those of us who know about The Shift are more aware than others of what is happening as well as the effects. Even for those who don’t know what’s prompted these changes, more and more people are bothered by things that never used to bother them, at least not to a great enough extent to do something about them.

Now, however, the things in the world that are not righteous or fair won’t leave us alone. We are all getting to the point where we’ve had enough and have accepted that we have to do something to make things right, whether these things seem to affect us personally or not. That’s part of the change, you know, realizing that what affects others adversely isn’t only their concern, it’s everyone’s concern, and we have to work together to make things better for everyone.

For a lot of us, it’s like we’ve thrown away those rose-colored glasses we’ve used for so long, and we see things more clearly than ever before. The fact is, we’ve all been conditioned to believe certain things for so long, they have skewed our perspective and tamped down our willingness to reject what is not right. Now, we’re seeing things more clearly, and it is prompting many of us to take a stand that should have been taken a long time ago but wasn’t.

In short, we are waking up to the reality we have allowed to be created and even taken part in. We were trained a long time ago to act a certain way and accept some things as realities that we can not change. I asked the Angels to expand on this idea, and their answer follows.

Question: The Shift has brought a new awareness to many of us about things that have been happening for a long time which we have not adequately addressed in the past. The BLM and #MeToo movements are examples of this. What else have we been brainwashed about?


You are divine beings of light, but you have been conditioned to forget this. Your true nature has been obliterated for hundreds of



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