We Have to Stick Together

A Message from the Archangels


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I hope you’ve had a chance to read the last message from the Archangels, a holiday message. It was very loving and inspiring, in my opinion. This one is also, but in a different way. I wanted to write an article about how we can change the world, but after speaking with the Archangels, it kind of morphed a little into how important it is to stand together, especially right now and in the near future, as it becomes more and more obvious that change is needed. Below, you will find the Q and A.

Question: I want to write an article about changing things for the better in the world. Is there anything you would like me to include?


We think this is important, especially with “the big reveal(s)” on the horizon.

There is a difference between action and reaction. Action is what happens after observing the situation, remaining unbiased, contemplating if action is needed or not, and if so, choosing the action most needed with a clear, unemotional, impartial mind.

This is what is needed now and even more so, what will be needed in the near future. Most people have experienced a third dimensional life based on fear and separation. In that old paradigm, power is gained and determined by dominance, by overpowering others, by limiting choices, or taking choice away entirely. In some places and situations, this is done overtly, however, it is just as common for those in power to use dishonesty, to create diversions, and to incite fear and anger among the masses, with the intention of manipulating people and circumstances.

This brings to mind the old adages, “United we stand, divided we fall,” “There is power and safety in numbers,” and “divide and conquer”. All of these are very true, and those in power are keenly aware of this. Much of the chaos in the world is not accidental. It is far easier to exert control over any group when it has been broken up into smaller factions. If people are engaged in fighting each other, those in power are free to engage in their schemes to maintain that power, rather than being held accountable for their actions, so much needed change can take place.

The coming year is likely to highlight many abuses of power in the world. In the



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