Update on The Shift

The Archangels Give Us a Progress Report

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

It’s been a while since I’ve asked the Angels for an update on The Shift. We agreed today to do one quarterly, if possible, so you can expect an update every three months or so.

They were very anxious to get started on this one today. Before I even sat down to write, I was getting information in spurts and starts. Lots of topics to cover and examples to share. Information began to come in so quickly, I had to ask them to slow down and give some time to set up. I decided to record the information by computer, rather than handwrite it first, as I usually do, because it was coming in too fast.

Surprisingly, I even got specific names, which I don’t think has ever happened. There was an overall sense of importance and excitement present.

This all began before I’d even gotten out of bed! I woke up to it, and I couldn’t get up, showered, dressed and set up quickly enough to get them to slow down. Their update follows.

Question: Can we take a minute to organize the information for The Shift update, please? I’m already hearing your messages, and they are coming so quickly, I cannot process them. Rather than write them all down, I’m going to the computer, as it’s faster, but I’d like a moment to organize with you. I’m surprised you’re giving e names



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