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The Archangels Offer Guidance and Comfort


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Guys, I’m getting all kinds of messages and emails regarding channeled messages coming from others. A lot of us are freaking out about the future, and I’d like to address some of these fears. Before I do that, I want to stress that, whether or not a channeled message resonates, it doesn’t mean the one who shares the message is a bad or dishonest person. There have been many who have questioned the messages I share, and my response is always the same; Take what resonates, and leave the rest. That’s what I do, also, when it comes to reading others’ articles. If the message doesn’t resonate, I leave it alone without ill feelings toward the one who shared it.

I would also add that the Angels I channel, teach me in a way that I can best understand. I am biased toward them, because I trust them as my Guides, and they are biased toward me, in that they use me to channel their messages, so they cater them in a way in which I can understand. I don’t adjust their messages to suit me, I just share them in the same way they are presented to me. Channeling the Angels is a gift and a responsibility I take very seriously. I will not change the message to better suit me or anyone else, so if you don’t like what I share, just discard it.

We all have our favorite authors, and Debbra Lupien is definitely one of mine. She has gifted us with a three part message pertaining to future challenges we may face with the pure intent of preparing us and supporting us. I think many of us are fixated on certain parts of her message and not taking it in its entirety, and I think she sets the perfect example for how to handle our fears. Debbra channels some of the Archangles and reads the Akashic records and shares her wisdom with us. To be clear, I am in no way challenging her messages or her. I have great respect and fondness for her and let her know in advance that I would add to her message.

I asked my Guides for clarification on some things from her articles, and I hope what they have to say is as comforting to you as it was to me.

Question: Can you add some clarification to Debbra’s messages regarding upcoming challenges, please? I’d like more information on what kind



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