The Archangels Discuss Drugs and Alcohol

And Other Means of Escape


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I had a great question from one of my readers asking how the Archangels felt about drug and alcohol abuse, so I asked them. Below is their response.

Question: What can you say regarding drug and alcohol abuse?


There are many tragedies in the world, but it is especially tragic when someone makes choices that abuse the body and mind, that can lead to health issues and death. Although there are those who use alcohol and drugs to appease their curiosity, which can be equally dangerous, the people who use drugs and alcohol as an escape from life are the most tragic of all.

Life is a gift and offers many opportunities. It is not meant to be escaped, it is meant to be experienced. There is knowledge to be gained in every situation, pleasant or unpleasant. To not seek out and learn life’s lessons is to slow your spiritual progress for your soul. Ideally, the body and soul work together to make spiritual progress. When the physical bodied person uses free will in a way that hinders progress or causes the life plan to go awry, this usually serves no good and can lead to an earlier end of life, not only because of physical deterioration, but also because the soul is stifled as the human life is not accomplishing the life purpose or gaining spiritual growth.

While there are souls that include chemical abuse for specific reasons as a part of the life plan, this is not a favored method for most, because it can be unpredictable at times. Usually, when a chemical abuse is part of a life plan, it includes an early death for the body, so a new life can be planned, rather than depending on a person to leave the abuse later, as these addictions can be very powerful.

Most people realize that there are many ways to abuse the body which can lead to health issues. It is not limited to drug and alcohol abuse. Not maintaining your health cuts life short, again, not allowing as much spiritual growth as there could be. The longer you live, especially in good health, the farther you can travel on your spiritual path.

Physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health are intricately connected, and problems in any of these areas affect all areas in one way or



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