The 2025 Initiative

A Look at the Education Component

Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

Project 2025 is over two decades in the making. I think the election of Trump as President enabled the initial launching of it in terms of actually affecting change. If you don’t know what it is, it’s the conservative agenda, and the people behind it are flying high, especially after the recently bombed debate between Biden and Trump on Biden’s part. They think they’re going to win, and by win, I mean they think Trump is going to be elected.

You have to have some background when you’re reading their manifesto to make sense of it because, by itself, it doesn’t necessarily sound as alarming as it is. One of my areas of expertise is Education, so I can read between the lines in that section. They want to get rid of the US Department of Education, and completely dismantle it. They make it sound like it’s not needed, like it’s mismanaged, and like getting rid of it will help education, especially in terms of equality and choice, as it ensures the availability of educational vouchers for private (read religious) schooling.

This is alarming on several fronts. First of all, as a former educator with nearly three decades of experience, I can tell you that the US Department of Education has caused some major issues in education, including the emphasis put on testing, which has had an extremely adverse effect on…



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