Surrender is Not Necessarily Failure

The Archangels Explain

Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

There is an abundance of pride in my family, and I’m no exception. Pride is a funny thing. It can be a good thing sometimes. There have been times when pride has been the only thing that kept me going, but there have also been times that it has made me foolish, and I’ve done things or I didn’t want to do in its name.

I was raised to be strong, independent, and to stand on my own two feet. It’s very difficult for me to ask for help sometimes, and it shouldn’t be. Everyone needs help sometimes, and I’m happy to give it in many cases, so it shouldn’t be so hard to ask for it at times. I learned that lesson, along with humility, when I was taking care of my husband while he was sick with Parkinson’s. There came a point when I just couldn’t cover all the bases by myself plus work full time, take him to appointments, etc. His medical bills were huge, and I had to work multiple jobs. His family was great and were a big help. They were happy to help, and I think it was good for all of us.

Sometimes, we need to know when to raise the white flag, when we’ve gotten in over our heads, before we sink all the way to the bottom. Everyone has their limit, and everyone has their share of weaknesses and their strengths. The Archangels share some of their wisdom and guidance regarding surrendering below.



Jodie Helm

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