Star Seeds, Indigos, and Such

The Archangels Describe Various Stand-outs

Jodie Helm
5 min readSep 28, 2022


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I had a question from a reader regarding the term “star seeds,” which he’s heard often but doesn’t know exactly what it means. He correctly guessed that this kind of terminology leads to more confusion, just like terms such as “twin flames,” which I wrote about recently. I think the Archangels laugh at our practices of assigning names and categories for everyone and everything. Following is their commentary.

Question: Can you please explain terms such as star seeds, indigos, and crystals, which are often used to describe people, especially children?


As predicted, this question is very similar to the question you asked regarding twin flames recently in that humanity’s need to label and name things causes much confusion. These terms mean different things to different people, but they mostly describe children who are different in some way, often gifted in some area, including psychically, so we will describe some of these differences.

Earth is an ideal place for learning and growing spiritually. The majority of people who live on Earth have souls who originated on Earth. However, there are souls from many other worlds who choose to incarnate in human bodies and experience a physical life on your planet. Such ET souls as these often feel as though they do not belong. Even when they blend in with others, they often feel different, lonely, and frustrated during their lives.

Another reason ET souls choose to live as humans is because they wish to help humanity in some way. Their planets of origin are often far more advanced than Earth, not only technologically speaking, but spiritually. Most come from places in higher dimensions whose people realize and cherish the connection with all life everywhere. This is why many feel frustrated at the societal norms and structures currently in place. Even if they do not know they come from another world, anything connected to inequality or hierarchy does not feel right to them.

When talking about ET souls, there are several variables to consider. Not often, but occasionally, these souls retain their universal



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