Someone Called Me a Guru

But I’m Just Me


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We’re all growing and changing these days. So much is happening so quickly, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Lots of energy surrounds us with more coming all the time. I know there is still great polarity, but I’m beginning to get a sense that things are improving. It’s subtle. It’s quiet. I think the common thought a lot of us share is that we are tired of extremism and people trying to control us and making decisions for us, and we are beginning to find our voices.

A friend was struggling with some turns her life had taken, and we met for dinner recently. Afterwards, she called me a guru very seriously, with tears in her eyes. After I picked my jaw off the ground, I told her I was her friend, not a guru, she told me a guru was a teacher, and I was teaching her things that helped her. Although I taught elementary, middle, and college age students for twenty-six years, I in no way consider myself a guru.

I’m just me. A person, like everyone else, who’s trying to make sense of the world in the best way I can, helping who and where I can. I think that describes most of us, don’t you? I’m aware of my gifts, and I try to use them in a way that helps others. I channel the Archangels, and I share their messages with people. I find it very rewarding on many levels, and I consider it my purpose.

However, I still struggle, like everyone else. I have problems. I have bad days. I get grouchy. I definitely have faults. I think some people think that, because I work with the Angels, everything is wonderful for me, and I’m always at peace with myself and the world. I wish that were true, and I’m working on it, but I doubt there will ever be a time when my life is perfect and problem free. I don’t even think it’s like that on the other side, although I’m sure it’s much better. We stay busy over there, too. I love working with the Archangels, and I love them. They do bring peace, joy, hope, and love to me, but they don’t cocoon me from the world.

I have a lot of requests to do personal readings, but I don’t really do those. If you have a question about something, and you think the Angels can help, I’ll be happy to ask them for you, but there are some things they won’t answer. If you want personal information about yourself, such as your purpose, past lives, loved ones…



Jodie Helm

4X Top Writer , Archangel channel, Reiki Master, Bridge. I share the messages I receive from my guides here. My only religion is Love.