Some Cold, Hard Truths About Religion

According to the Archangels


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I’ve read quite a few articles lately with horror stories about churches, religions, and religious leaders, and they break my heart. I can feel the anger in their writing, and I don’t blame them one bit. Many articles reveal terrible abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of self-proclaimed, godly people. It takes courage to share these stories, and I hope writing about their experiences helps them to heal.

Everyone is on a spiritual journey, whether they call it that or not. That’s not to say, everyone believes in God and Angels, like I do, or that they should or have to. We’re all trying to make sense of the world the best way we can. For some, that includes religious practices, for others it does not. Some find God, and some do not. There is no right or wrong way, except when it comes to individual choice.

This article is not about convincing you that you or I are right or wrong. I’m not trying to influence anyone to believe a certain way. Only you can decide what works for you. If you’re a happy, at peace, atheist, I’m happy for you, as I’m happy for everyone who finds peace, joy, hope, and love on whatever path they walk.

The reason for this article is to offer some insight I’ve gained on my own spiritual path and from the messages I’ve received through channeling the Archangels. If you’re unfamiliar with my work, please let me clarify that I do not practice any traditional religion, but I do believe in God. I don’t think there is one right religion for everyone.

I’m hoping to offer comfort, acceptance, and love to all who read this, regardless of your beliefs. I’m writing this, because I want you to know that a church is not God. People, religious or otherwise, are not God. I say “God” but others think of Spirit, the Universe, Source, and many other words to describe what the Angels call The Creator.

Religion has caused good and bad things to happen throughout history. It’s not limited to any one religion, either. Every religion has fanatics who twist their beliefs to suit themselves and their agendas. There are religious leaders from all faiths who use religion as a way to control people, but that’s on them, not God. If you’ve been abused by religion and religious people, you have…



Jodie Helm

4X Top Writer , Archangel channel, Reiki Master, Bridge. I share the messages I receive from my guides here. My only religion is Love.