Releasing Anger

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I think some people believe that once you “awaken” or “raise your vibration”, you are no longer human, or you’ve risen above being human, no longer subject to human reactions. Some think spiritual people never get mad or experience lower vibrational emotions anymore. I’m here to tell you that is not true. Maybe some people reach that point, but I’ve never met anyone like that, and I can tell you I haven’t reached that point and may never reach that point. And you know what? That’s okay.

It’s a great goal to try to keep your vibration high and never to take any steps backward, but it’s unrealistic to believe you will never again experience anger. By all means, work toward that ideal, but when you slip back a couple of steps every once in a while, be kind and patient with yourself. The fact that you realized you reacted in a less than spiritual way, based on your own view of spirituality, is something the Angels say we should celebrate, because we notice we are acting in a manner that we no longer want to practice.

You’re not likely to ever hear me say, “I never get mad or scared or have an emotional reaction.” That would be a lie, and I would be skeptical of anyone who claimed to never experience unpleasant emotions. That’s part of what makes us human. I’ve come a long way, and I don’t often get angry, and when I do, I work to let it go, because it no longer feels right or comfortable. That’s major progress, I think. When I do get angry, I have several things I can do to process and release that anger. That happens a lot faster than it used to, and I’m glad.

One of my readers left me a comment asking about how exactly to release anger. Rather than just tell her what I do, I asked the angels for some guidance, and their response follows.

Question: Can you please offer some guidance on how to release anger?


Anger is a low vibrational emotion, usually provoked by an outside source, but more harmful to the one feeling it, rather than the one who provoked it. Indeed, many who provoke anger in others do so purposely, so they can enjoy knowing they hit their mark. It is easy to say, “Do not allow yourself to be manipulated so,” but we understand that for



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