Orbs of Light Seen All Around the World

What Are They?


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Last night, I watched a show on Gaia TV entitled, “Orbs: The Veil is Lifting,” and as I watched it, I had such a feeling of joy, I couldn’t stop smiling. Not that you can ever have too much happiness, but I didn’t know why I was having such a strong reaction to the program. I try to stay on top of how I’m feeling and why, and I was intrigued. I’ve never seen these orbs of light that people are reporting more and more, but I’ve heard of them. I kind of thought they could be ET’s in their spaceships, but I didn’t give them much thought until I saw this show.

So, as usual, I asked my Archangels for more information and an explanation as to why I reacted so strongly. Below is our conversation, and unlike most of their messages which are written for my readers, this one is their answer to me personally, so when they say “you” they are addressing me.

Question: Seeing the show about orbs made me so happy! Will you please tell me about them? Are there orbs around me? Will I ever see them?


You feel joy, because you are remembering interacting with them as well as appearing that way yourself. Orbs are everywhere around you, wherever you are, and you can call to them. Yes, you will see them. You have the ability to see them now. Your high vibration combined with the thinning of the veil make it possible.

You are correct. They are living entities from other dimensions. Some are Angels, some are souls, and some are ET’s. Remember us explaining that whatever dimension a soul lives in, they can easily visit “lower” (vibrational) dimensions at any time? These orbs of living energy are visitors to your dimension.

For so long, they remained invisible due to their much higher vibration, but the Earth is ascending, therefore the Earth’s vibration is getting higher, making it easier to connect psychically and even by using the human senses of someone who has an open mind and heart. This is what happens as the veil thins, and it is just the beginning of discovering that there is so much more than what the human senses register.



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