On Romantic Relationships

The Archangels Offer Some Guidance

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I had an email from a Medium friend the other day about how difficult relationships can be and how it’s hard to figure out who is being genuine or not. She was hoping the Archangels could give some advice on finding healthy relationships. I asked the Angels, and their response follows.

Question: Can you please give us some guidance regarding romantic relationships and being able to till if someone is being genuine and if the relationship is worth pursuing?


One of the biggest mistakes people make in relationships is believing their happiness lies with another person. True, lasting relationships, healthy ones at least, can add to your happiness, but true happiness is found within. If you depend on someone else for happiness it is not healthy. This has nothing to do with the other person; this has to do with each individual. The first step in a healthy relationship is knowing and having a healthy relationship with yourself. If you cannot be independently happy, this is not good. Being comfortable with yourself, loving and respecting yourself, is necessary for a healthy, long-lasting relationship.



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