Managing Our Emotions

The Archangels Explain Why That is So Important


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My sister passed away this morning, getting through the last stages of Alzheimer’s. I’m happy for her, even as I feel the loss, although I’ve been missing her for a long time now. I’m okay, though. I made peace with her illness and impending death years ago. As soon as the phone call with my niece ended, I opened my heart to who I think of as God, along with the Archangels and to my sister.

As expected as her passing was, and as relieved as I am for her and our family, it’s still a loss I need to deal with, and I’m doing that. Grief comes from love, so in and of itself, it is not harmful. In fact, it can be healing if you open to it, and I have.

I channeled my Guides, and they offered love and comfort, and they said I was doing a good job dealing with the loss. They also reminded me of how important it was for me, as well as the Earth and other people, to give myself over to the healing. I asked them to channel a message along those lines, and their response follows.

Question: You’ve said before that humans are highly emotional. You’ve also said that’s not a bad thing, but that we need to work on being aware of our emotions and maintaining our peace of mind. Could you please expand upon that?


You all came to Earth at this time to assist with The Shift and to help heal the Earth, and as the vibration of your consciousness rises, your energy will do exactly that. This is why we so often tell you to spend time with yourself and do whatever you need to do to heal and feel joy. This raises your vibration and automatically helps heal others as well as the planet at the same time.

Conversely, when you are angry or fearful, your vibration lowers, which has an adverse effect on everything around you. Most of what we tell you is connected. When you are able to find peace, love, joy, and hope in your life, it helps others do the same. When you have a negative response to someone or something, it adds to the same negative energy that triggered this reaction in you.



Jodie Helm

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