Managing Election Worries

The Archangels Offer Guidance and Wisdom

Photo by Tj Holowaychuk on Unsplash

I’ve been writing a lot of political type articles over the last couple of weeks, because I wanted to share information and comradery. Some of them were a way to vent some of my frustration, and some of them were meant to be informational, but you know what was missing once they were finished? The kind of peace of mind I always get after I channel the Archangels and share their messages.

That’s not to say there’s not a time and a place for both or that I’m going to stop writing one or the other. I need to write both. However, all weekend long, after I’d published the last political article on Saturday, I felt guided and I looked forward to channeling and writing something that left a more positive feeling after the reading and writing was done.

Between the Presidential debate, that Project 2025, the Donald, the SCOTUS, the talk of cognitive disability, the discussion of changes in candidates, the challenges to separation of church and state, and the crazies that are talking about revolution, bloodshed, and people who need killing, we could use a little good news, hope, and comfort, don’t you think? So, without further delay, here’s the latest from the Archangels in their bid to shore up our sanity and trade hope for fear.

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Jodie Helm

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