Let’s Help Change the World!

The Archangels Sponsor a Group Project

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

I like to make Fridays a day to publish something positive to bring in the weekend, and today is no exception. There are so many heavy things going on right now in the Ukraine and Gaza, and elsewhere, it’s easy to fall down into a sinkhole of sadness and despair, even fear and anger. I think most often of the children in these places, all of them innocent and deserving of peace and love in their lives, not to mention safety.

Rather than dwell on the horrors and tragedies happening all over the world, I’d really rather do something positive to help in some way. With this in mind, I’ve been working with the Archangels on ways we can all help, and the idea of a group meditation surfaced. As we have ongoing problems, I’m hoping this will become an ongoing effort for many of us. The Angels have said they will join us in a group focus of their choosing every month when we can either pray or meditate together or separately on a particular theme. They will gather our energy and join theirs to it and help direct it where it is most needed.

This all came about when I began to wonder if energy is stronger based on proximity or through certain avenues more than others. As they began to answer the question, they added their own suggestion of an intention for November which they discuss below.



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