It’s Time to Celebrate

The Archangels Remind Us to Celebrate Ourselves


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My son is an aspiring writer, and he finished writing his first book recently. I read it –it was quite good — and he’s already got plots for two more books in what he envisions as a series of three, as well as ideas for another series. All of that is great, but I reminded him that he needs to take the time to realize and celebrate the significance of actually finishing writing a book and following his dream. Most people never get that far, and it is worth taking time to celebrate. No, he’s not submitted it and no, it hasn’t been published yet, and it may never see the light of day on bookshelves, but the fact that he completed the book should be recognized all by itself.

It got me thinking about how busy we all are and that so many of us are trying to be better versions of ourselves as well as make a positive difference in the world, and we don’t celebrate ourselves and our progress nearly enough. I view my writing and channeling as my purpose, and I rarely acknowledge to myself that it is also my choice. I just do what I think I’m supposed to do in the hopes of helping others. Y’all have often told me how much you appreciate my work, and I’m grateful, but I also need to acknowledge that I choose to do this, and I should celebrate. I asked the Angels to remark on the need and the occasions we need to celebrate but rarely do. Their response follows.

Question: I think we all need to take a break from all the heaviness surrounding us and take time to celebrate ourselves. Can you remind us of the things we should celebrate, please?


This is an excellent and very important topic. So many of you are anxious and fearful of everything going on in the world, which is understandable. We have shared much of late to guide you on how to rise above these things, but our channel is correct. You all have things to celebrate, and you should do so immediately and often.

Many of you have taken our messages to heart and have tried to follow our advice. You have accepted that you are not alone and that you can conquer your fears. You are getting to know yourself better



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