Is the Spiritual Path Lonely?

The Archangels Say It Depends on Us

Jodie Helm
6 min readJun 6


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When I first started channeling the Archangels, I was a little uncomfortable about what people might say. I always knew I would share their messages, because I think that’s part of my purpose, and I know many people have found them helpful and hopeful, which is why I share them. I wasn’t particularly concerned with what strangers thought of me, but I did have some concerns about how my friends and family would react.

The people who love me accept me as I am, although most do not understand me since I began to channel. They know I’m not crazy or a liar, but they just don’t get me or what I do. Most of the time, that doesn’t bother me, but occasionally, I wish I could speak more openly and express in more depth what I do and feel. With few exceptions, the only people who provide me the opportunity to be entirely open about channeling are those I’ve met through Medium, and I very much appreciate them. I’m very grateful for these friendships, where I am understood and accepted without reservation or conditions.

A friend once told me the spiritual path is a lonely path. In some ways, I suppose it is, but in other ways, not. I can’t really say I’ve lost friends because of channeling, although I’ve lost their understanding. My readers and friends I’ve met on Medium make up for that, however. I asked the Archangels what they thought about loneliness and the spiritual path, and their response follows.

Question: Please help me address the spiritual path and whether or not it’s lonely.


Whether or not the spiritual path is a lonely path is a matter of perspective, outlook, and to some extent, courage and self-acceptance. On the one hand, you live on a planet with billions of people, so you might think it is impossible to be lonely, and on the other hand, some people can be in a crowded room full of people and still feel alone. It is not so much how others think of you, as it is how you think of yourself.

Do you enjoy your own company? Do you like yourself? Do you know yourself? Are you comfortable with your identity? If it is more important to you to accept yourself than it is to be accepted by others, and



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