Interviewing the Archangels, Part 2

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I’m currently working on an interview with Archangel Chamuel, who’s a character, but it’s not finished yet. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy another sampling of interviews I’ve already posted on my website, listed above. Below, I’ve posted another few questions and answers for your enjoyment.

The first question and answer are from the interview I did with Archangel Ariel. I didn’t feel particularly close to Ariel, until I interviewed her. She is so loving and welcoming, and soon she felt like an old friend. She’s great at helping people realize their own power, as is reflected in the following excerpt after I mentioned that there are often limits placed on people regarding what they can do and achieve.

Jodie: I understand that on some level, but there are some limits and barriers we deal with on Earth that seem insurmountable in some cases. Circumstances, situations, society, and the restrictions attached to them are real.

Ariel: Are they, though? I will tell you that it is not circumstances, situations, or society that keep people from realizing their greatness and potential. Rather, it is their own mind and beliefs that are most restrictive.

I hear your thoughts, dearest, and I understand them, yet I will tell you that none of the many scenarios going through your mind are insurmountable, except in your own mind. Let us explore this further, shall we?

Consider for a moment what you have believed for most of your life, that if someone else can do something, you can, too. It is part of your self-confidence and why you are not easily intimidated. It is why you nearly always reach your goals, because you believe you can. You believe you can, because you consider yourself an equal to others.

Let us take this a step further. Most people have believed many things to be impossible, only to be proven wrong. You have experienced first-hand some things others still consider impossible. Yet, they are not impossible for you. Many believe it is impossible to converse with Archangels, is that not true? And yet, this is a reality for you, because you opened you mind to the possibility at some point. The same can be said for Reiki



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