I Have Insomnia … Or Do I?

The Archangels Explain What’s Often Behind Insomnia


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I had the best experience recently when I met my new doctor. I’d been looking for one when my previous doctor raised his monthly charges to stay on his client list, and it became too expensive. I’m retired and on a fixed income now, so I have to be careful with expenses, and that became one I needed to adjust.

My daughter told me about her doctor, who combined medical treatments with alternative treatments. Being a Reiki practitioner, this appealed to me, and I decided to meet with her and see if we were a good fit. She explained that although she was connected and referred patients to alternative care doctors, she didn’t practice it herself. She sometimes refers people for Reiki, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle consultants, etc., but her main goal is to enable her patients to manage their own health with as little medication and as few medical procedures as possible.

I’ve struggled with insomnia for well over a decade. My doctor at the time it began said it was connected to menopause, as was the depression I experienced. After my husband died, while I was still working, I took a non-habit forming sleep aid — Lunesta — so I could function. I had a very hard time falling asleep. Once I was down, I was usually down, but it took me forever to get there without some kind of help. When I retired, I stopped taking Lunesta, because I thought it didn’t matter if I went to sleep in the wee hours, because I could sleep late, now that I wasn’t working.

After some time, I was going to bed at 2–5 a.m. and waking up at 11–12 or later the next day, or I guess later that same day. Now, in theory, that sounds like it could work, but in practice, it didn’t. By the time I woke up and got started, a good bit of the day was gone, and if my energy and motivation had stuck around in the evening, maybe it would have been fine, but once the sun went down, I was ready to relax, so I wasn’t getting a whole lot done. I didn’t like that, so I got back on Lunesta, and when I found my new doctor, I’d intended to ask for a refill, since I had none left.

She asked me to tell her about my past, and I did, sharing the loss of my parents and my husband within a few years of each other, and how traumatic it was for me, not to…



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