Healing Mother Earth

Through an Exchange of Energy


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I got a question from a friend recently regarding her work and whether it was helpful to the Earth. She’s a wonderful, talented artist who feels and mentally sees energy through sound and colors and lately, trees, then paints those visuals. She and her work are remarkable. Her name is Marina Pinto Miller, and she’s working on publishing her artistry inspired by trees, and it is fascinating. Her website is https://www.marinapintomiller.com if you would like to take a gander.

In any case, Marina and I have exchanged several emails, and we’ve enjoyed getting to know each other. She wondered if the art she shares contributes in any way to healing the Earth. I asked the Archangels, although I already knew what their answer would be, and it follows.

Question: I’ve read that Mother Earth is healing herself, and that includes catastrophic weather patterns. How can we help her to heal energetically? Will it be enough to make her thrive again?


There will have to be more contributions from mankind at some point and more deliberate measures to restore and maintain the planet’s health. Right now, Gaia is simply becoming an active part of her own healing process, and yes, that includes changes in weather patterns that can cause great devastation. It is a way to stave off more injury.

Let us compare her actions to humans trying to address their health. A runner usually stretches before running, followed by regulating the pace and covering a certain distance. His or her physical systems become involved, including the circulatory, pulmonary, muscles, and nervous systems, among others.

It is similar for Gaia. She stretches and exercises different systems in a bid to become healthier. The land, the seas, the atmosphere are all systems within Gaia, and she is trying to improve each system’s health. Just like people, the more unhealthy she becomes, the more exercise is needed to heal and become stronger. It takes some time to improve. This is not done with malice of any kind toward humanity, despite the fact that it is by their hands that she suffers. If she is to



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