Gun Control: The Archangels’ Response

It’s Not Just About Guns


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Several folks on Medium have written some very informative articles about gun statistics, citing very reliable sources. I realize statistics and data can be manipulated to a certain extent, but the comparison of the US with its lack of gun legislation, to other, highly developed countries with gun legislation in place looks pretty conclusive and self-explanatory.

Countries who have basic, general gun control laws in place have remarkably fewer mass shootings and deaths due to guns. Looking at the stats, it’s no wonder Americans have a reputation for caring more about their guns than their children.

I’ve consulted the Angels on several controversial issues, including global warming, abortion, LGBTQ+ issues, religion, COVID, and others. Knowing they never choose sides directly, I asked them for their input on gun control. Below is their response.

Question: Would you please comment on gun control or the lack thereof, especially in the US?


As with many societal issues, we would say that the issue of gun control is only a serious symptom of a much greater problem. The majority of people in the world as well as in the United States do not object to basic gun control laws, so the question becomes, if most people agree that general laws are needed, why, then, are these laws not in place?

If your elected officials are supposed to reflect the wishes of the masses, shouldn’t the majority rule? And if it does not, why is that? The media and politicians would have you believe that they represent those who voted them into office, yet clearly, that is not the case. So, we would like to pose some questions for your consideration.

1) If those in power do not work for the masses and act accordingly, who do they work for?

2) If politicians are not acting in a way that is protective to their citizens, including children who are they protecting?

3) If those in public office blame mass shootings on things that do not include guns as part of the problem, why do people listen to them?

4) Why do so many people find it necessary to own guns?



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