Good News Friday #4

Because We Can All Use More Good News!


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Happy Friday, everybody. I can’t believe we’re already in December! My own good news includes my first newsletter going out today and every first Friday of each month. If you haven’t signed up for it on my website, please do. In it, you’ll find the December meditation intention, which is “Peace on Earth,”beginning tonight. Every Friday evening, whenever you have time, the Archangels will be collecting our joint, loving energy to disperse wherever it’s needed most. They set monthly intentions we can all focus on. If you can’t join us on Friday, anytime will do. This is a great way to help the world and the people in it.

I had to look a little harder this week for good news stories, which were hidden better than usual, but I’ve shared some below in hopes they will help you smile and remember that even though there are a lot of bad things happening in the world, there are good things, too.

Story #1: Judge Offers Jobs, Not Jail for Juveniles (original article by Andy Corbley, November 28, 2023, from the Good News Network site)

A California judge, tired of sending kids to juvenile detention centers where he said they just learned to become “harder criminals,” started a vocational training school called Rancho Cielo as an alternative that offers training in culinary skills, equestrian care, vintage car repair, carpentry and construction, bookkeeping, and more.

When the center first opened, about twenty years ago, it would only take kids who had been convicted of crimes, but as Selinas, CA earned the title of the place with the most underage murders in the country, they began using it as an intervention program before kids were caught breaking the law. Academic courses, including GED studies, resume design, and admittance into junior colleges are taught in addition to the many hands on learning of various trades.

Kids who are not in the program have a 60% repeat offender outcome, while those who attend the trade academy have only about a 15% return to crime. It’s about showing the kids a better path, rather than placing them among those who have already chosen a path with a downward spiral…



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