Good News Friday #3

Because We Can All Use It!


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Happy Friday, everybody! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. Amidst all the Black Friday commotion and concerning world news, I’ve got a couple of good news articles to share with you, and I chose to share a story of my own, as well. I hope this helps you focus on the position.

Story #1: Help from a Stranger

(Original article found on Apple News, by Laura Kiwerel, November 15, 2023

A lady was driving down the freeway in California and lost control of her car as she tried to reach for a paper that the wind blew around after she opened her window. The van she drove flipped three times, and the driver, Rhiannon, was tossed onto the asphalt and lost consciousness. When she came to, a young man, who told her he was a medical student, was by her side, tying off a tourniquet to her arm and waited with her until the ambulance arrived. Rhiannon remembers that he had a very soothing voice, but she either never knew his name or forgot it.

Her injuries were many and serious, including requiring an hours long surgery to remove the slivers of glass from her arm, which required three dozen stitches. The doctor told her, had the young man not rigged the tourniquet, she probably would have bled to death before she could reach the hospital.

Rhiannon doesn’t know her rescuer’s name and doesn’t remember much about him, except his comforting voice and presence. She states that she hopes he finds the article with their story and knows how much she appreciates what he did for her.

Story #2: An Illegal Immigrant’s Act of Selflessness

(I read this story on Apple News, but when I went back to find the author of the original article I read, I couldn’t find it again and wrote it from memory.)

A young father crossed the U.S./Mexican border through Arizona, successfully avoiding detection by the border patrol, as well as criminals trying to exploit people who crossed illegally, for days. He had hidden in the desert for quite some time and thought he’d make it, until he ran into a kid in the middle of nowhere.



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