Good News Friday #2

Because We Can All Use it!


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Happy Friday, everyone! Last Friday, I summarized a couple of good news stories, and I got a great response, so I thought, for a while at least, I’d make it a Friday tradition. We’re always hearing about all the crappy stuff going on in the world, and I think sharing good news helps to balance that. Feel free to add your own good news in the comments.

First Story: Returning Kindness

You never know what’s going to happen on any given day, right? A lady, who owned three treasured dogs, went jogging and was hit be a truck and was in a coma in the hospital. Not knowing what happened, her neighbors reported possible abuse of the dogs after several days, and the dogs were taken in at a shelter. They eventually found out what happened to their owner and wanted to help, but after some time, they were simply out of room at the shelter, and the dogs were slated to be euthanized.

Word spread, and a lady who had also been hospitalized some time ago, who had received a lot of help from friends and relatives taking care of her own fur babies while she couldn’t, took all three dogs into her home to keep them safe for when their owner got back on her feet and could resume caring for them. She said she couldn’t imagine how much more suffering this poor lady in a coma would experience if she woke up only to find out her companions were gone. The shelter is covering food and medical costs while they are fostered in their temporary home.

Three large dogs are a lot to take on for anybody! There’s no better way to show gratitude for the kindness we receive than paying forward that kindness to others. Hopefully, the lady in the coma will make a full recovery, and while she does, she can rest easy knowing her animals are waiting for her and they’ll eventually be reunited.

Second Story: Community Stands Up for Trans Student

You know, more times than not, I’m uncomfortable sharing that I live in Texas, because people often make assumptions about Texas natives based on their politics and reputation for being narrow-minded, good ol’ boy, redneck people who are not very tolerant of differences. I get it, and there are many people who support that stereotype, but I…



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