Global Warming

The Archangels’ Perspective


I trust the Archangels in everything, but sometimes it seems impossible that the world’s most serious problems will ever be solved. According to them, if things stay as they are now, solving world problems might very well be impossible, but they remind me that things will not stay the same as they always have been. Change is coming. In fact, it is already here. Following is their commentary on Global Warming.

Global Warming is a global problem. Until people and governments learn to work together, it is not likely to improve. It is not enough for only some people to get involved. It will take the entire global community to defeat this threat.

When we say everyone, we mean exactly that. There can be no exceptions for the wealthy, for those in power, or for those who refuse to accept the truth. Humankind does not yet have the technology to reverse the problem, but that doesn’t mean it never will. Currently, you do have the knowledge of the causes as well as measures that could be taken to slow it down, yet very little effort is made toward that goal. The problem is not that nothing can be done; the problem revolves around the attitude that people are separated, rather than together, that some are more important than others. Let us provide some examples.

We often tell people to find the lessons to be learned, especially during difficult times. Consider the changes in the air quality during the COVID crisis when most businesses shut down. The improvement was obvious, but people have not been willing to make adjustments, much less sacrifices, to improve upon this problem on a more permanent basis.

The changes needed for long term improvement of air quality would have to include the efforts of individuals as well as communities, governments, and even global infrastructure. For example, work places and their employees could elect to live in closer proximity to each other. Whereas it would seem impossible to walk to work every day when one lives twenty miles away, it becomes much more feasible when only a short distance separates work and home. COVID has also shown that much of the work that people do can be done from their homes. No transportation is needed using this option, hence air quality could be improved.



Jodie Helm

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