Getting Rid of “Bad” Energy

The Archangels Explain and Tell Us What to Do


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I was kind of lethargic last week and didn’t write as much as I usually do. Helping my mother-in-law deal with her cancer diagnosis can take a toll from time to time. I’m usually a pretty positive person, and when I’m feeling down, it’s very uncomfortable, but like everyone else, it happens sometimes. That’s when I spend extra time grounding myself and practicing self-care in multiple ways. I asked the Angels for some guidance about dealing with low energy and getting rid of it, and their reply follows.

Question: How do we get rid of negative energy from outside sources? How harmful can it be?


Everything has energy, and energy affects everything and everyone. If you are around people, you are exposed to all kinds of energy, varying in frequency. The higher your own frequency, the better you can block low vibrational energy. Energy is attracted to similar energy, so low vibrational energy is more likely to be attracted to others with similar frequencies.

Vibration and frequency have been misunderstood and oversimplified. It is not that low vibrational energy is bad. It is just an existing frequency. Emotion is tied to different frequencies of energy, but they are not very precise in people. Neither are they often stable; they can change easily and often. Many tend to think of emotional energies in absolutes, and that is incorrect. All sad people do not share the same frequency. If there was a way to measure emotional frequencies, it would more likely reflect emotions as a range of frequencies.

Also, if your vibration is naturally at a low frequency, the energy feels normal, rather than unpleasant. In fact, for these people, higher frequencies often feel strange or uncomfortable. So, there is more to it than simply “good or bad, high or low.” Also, it is not so much different emotions affecting frequency, but rather levels and combinations of emotional energy.

For example, love has a high vibration. The more love you feel, generally, the higher it vibrates. However, if you feel very little love, although the vibration lowers with the degree of love, it does not mean the person



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