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I’ve really enjoyed getting questions from my website through the Ask the Angels section and the submitted forms, where people can email me a question they’d like me to ask the Archangels. I’ve decided, from time to time, to paraphrase and share some of these questions and answers with my website visitors, including them in my blog section. I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

Question: When souls incarnate, are they limited to incarnating in the present? Do any of them incarnate into the past of future?


Although souls can visit any time period while in soul form, they may only incarnate into their present time period. When souls visit the past or future, they cannot communicate with any of the incarnated human beings. They have no form and cannot be seen or heard.

Also, many souls who have crossed back over and have left loved ones on Earth often come to visit, although again, they have no physical form. Still, they are sometimes able to send signs or signals that they are there, such as activating electronics, such as lamps, televisions, etc., or borrowing the body of a favorite animal, such as a bird or butterfly, which they arrange to appear to someone, or even triggering sounds and smells associated with them. Although most people cannot see or hear them, they often come to visit and check in on you. Love never dies.

Question: Over 4000 children have been killed in the Hamas/Israel war. Why does God allow this to happen?


Human beings have the gift of free will, which enables them to make their own choices throughout their lives, whether they are good, bad, or ugly. The alternative would be for people to be puppets under another being’s control.

God did not start this war, nor will He/She/It end it. People are responsible for the choices that led to the deaths of these innocent children on both sides, and it must be people who put an end to it. Until the masses unite and refuse to accept



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