Fear is Behind All of Our Problems

The Archangels Tell Us What to Do with It

Jodie Helm
8 min readMar 18


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A life based on fear is never a pleasant life. Imagine waking up afraid, enduring the day afraid, and going to sleep afraid. Not much of a life, if you ask me. Anger is an offshoot of fear. Both are powerful emotions that don’t feel good, so why do so many of us hold on to them so tightly? For some, it’s because they’re so used to living that way, they don’t know how to stop. For others, someone has targeted them and used fear and anger as weapons to control and manipulate them.

If you look at history, many tragedies have happened, because people didn’t control their fear, and someone took advantage of it, named a scapegoat, and turned them loose. Look at Nazi Germany. People were struggling. They were afraid. Hitler manipulated their fear into anger and gave them a target in the Jewish population. It’s so much more concrete to fight a person or group than it is to fight poverty, frustration, and hopelessness, isn’t it?

More recently, look at the Capitol riot. I wonder how many of those people would have committed their crimes if they hadn’t been overwhelmed by the crowd’s emotions after being purposely incited. I asked the Archangels how we can avoid that kind of fear, and their answer follows.

Question: How can we stop fear from controlling us and from being manipulated?


The danger of fear is that it can be blinding and all-consuming to the point of making people unreasonable, illogical, and unreachable. There are those who see positives regarding fear, but they do not apply when it is the main emotion driving someone. There is nothing good about excessive or ungrounded fear. It does not allow for peace, love, hope, or joy, and without those things, life is usually miserable.

Caution stems from fear, which is often a good thing. When you consider choices and decisions, you should proceed with caution and make sure you look at all aspects of a situation before moving forward, so you can make a well-informed decision. However, caution and being wary should not be the controlling factor in all things. If that happens, then fear has taken over.



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