Fads, Buzz Words, and Spirituality

The Archangels Enlighten us on Enlightenment

Jodie Helm
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Happy Friday, everyone! If you’re reading this, you are probably interested in spiritual topics, as I am. My interest and my questions have led me down many paths. Some of them I stayed on, and others I veered away from, because they didn’t resonate.

Some people get hung up on one person’s example or a particular way of doing things that may or may not work for them. I hear from many people who want a step by step plan to connect with their Guides and Angels or just to find peace of mind, but such a thing does not exist, because different things work for different people. The main thing to keep in mind is, there is no right or wrong way to grow spiritually except as it applies to the individual, and there is no way to fail.

The key is to get to know yourself, without judgment, and work on getting to a place of joy. Only then can you grow and experience what some call awakening, enlightenment, or the spiritual path. I just call it finding peace of mind and making sense of things. While it’s true we all have psychic gifts that we can develop and use, it begins with accepting ourselves and embracing change. You can’t pursue the other stuff until you work on yourself and accept that you are unique and powerful in your own right.

I’ve heard people talk about twin flames, life purpose, dark nights of the soul, shadow work, and the list goes on and on, but those are just words that have different meanings to different people. I call them “buzz words.” While they are important to some people, they do not apply to everyone. I’ve read many books, taken classes, and researched many spiritual topics. Some resonated with me, while others did not. What everyone should keep in mind is, a spiritual journey is both unique and different for everyone. There’s no wrong or right way to proceed.

I asked the Archangels to expand on these preconceptions people have based on what others have said. Their response follows.

Question: I’d like to write a somewhat cautionary article about awakening and spiritual “buzz words.” What can you say about this?




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