Evil is Tied to Intention

Not to Objects and Actions Alone


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I think I’m a pretty good person, or at least I really try hard to be one. Most people who think I’m a bad person just because I channel, or because they disagree with the messages I share are, I think, ignorant, misinformed, and maybe just scared of things they don’t understand.

When I became a Reiki Master, someone asked me if I was a witch. When I got a deck of Archangel tarot cards, someone told me they were tools of the devil. As I’ve shared before, I’ve been condemned to hell for channeling and sharing messages … from the Archangels, for Pete’s sake! So many things have been engrained in us through religion or well intentioned people who didn’t know what they were talking about. I asked the Archangels to talk to us about evil and where it comes from. Below is their answer.

Question: There is so much misinformation going around, especially when it comes to religion and fear of the unknown or misunderstood. Can you please offer us some guidance on how to identify or avoid such things?


Fear still rules over many, even though most of the things people fear either never come to be or are misunderstood. Many fear the future in general. We understand well the fear of the unknown, which includes the future. However, mankind spends too much time and energy on fear, and it serves no purpose.

Think of the worst times in your life. If you can think of them, you are still here, are you not? So, you survived them, and are likely stronger and wiser because of them, yes? You are stronger than you know, and whatever hardships you face now and in the future, the chances that you will survive are very highly in your favor. When you fear something that has yet to happen, set it aside and center yourself, remember who you are, and call on your Guides, Guardians, and The Creator for strength and guidance.

Having reminded you of that, let us discuss a few things from a very long list which many of you have been taught to fear. The biggest and most common items, such as judgment and punishment, hell and damnation, we have addressed before



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