Does Sending Loving Energy Really Work?

The Archangels Answer and Explain


Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

If you receive my monthly newsletter or read my Friday articles, you can usually find a reminder about Friday evening meditations. Every month the Archangels announce a theme for prayer/meditation, and they invite all interested parties to take some time Friday evenings, whenever and wherever you find yourself, set a particular intention they’ve given us, and send loving energy revolving around this theme. They tell us they will gather all the energy and disperse it to wherever it’s most needed, and they will add to it.

I often send loving energy to readers, friends, family members, and complete strangers I come across who appear to need it. I believe it helps, even if it’s just me alone sending it. I think when people gather together with a common intention, it can be very powerful, but I wanted the Archangels to address it and explain if and why it works. Their response is below.

Question: When people send loving energy to a person or group, does it always reach them, and does it help?


Energy affects everyone in many different ways. How it affects someone depends on many things, including how sensitive the receiver is, how experienced



Jodie Helm

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