Change Can Be Inspiring and Contagious

Overcome the Fear and Embrace the Joy

Jodie Helm
6 min readDec 5, 2021


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Change is everywhere, and you’ll see and feel more and more of it as time goes on. Just the word “change” can trigger fear and discomfort, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to embrace change, rather than reject it. I asked the Archangels for their input on how to do just that, and their response follows.

Question: With all the current and coming changes, how can we replace the anxiety we sometimes feel with more positivity?


The third dimension paradigm is still very much alive on Earth, although we are seeing more and more of a shift to the higher consciousness more prevalent in the fifth dimension all the time, and it continues to expand. Someday, it will be commonplace. In the meantime, the go-to emotion is still fear more often than not, and fear of change is very common.

We say this without judgment. Living in the third dimension is very rigid in limitations, time, and creative expression, so it is expected that this fear of change is present, as it has always been in modern time. To rise above this fear has always been extremely challenging until now.

Even those who are not aware of The Shift are beginning to feel a difference now that they are living in the fifth dimension. More and more are awakening to so many possibilities they never considered before.

Sometimes, this leads to a renewed spiritual path. Other times, people experience an energetic charge, so to speak, that inspires them to try new things and express themselves and create in different ways. Also, there are those who begin to experience more psychic awareness and spiritual gifts.

At this time, even for those who are beginning to grow and flourish in this higher dimensional paradigm, it is easy and common to fall back into fear. Fear of change and fear of failure are much more prevalent and familiar right now than the new feelings of worthiness and value for yourself and believing and exercising your newfound power.

Again, there is no judgment here. This is a process that takes time and effort to accomplish, and everyone must proceed at the pace and in the way that is right for them. Many will have



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