Are There Gods and Goddesses?

The Archangels Give Us the Lowdown on Deities


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I come from a Christian background. I no longer practice Christianity, although I still love Yeshua, His mother, the Angels, and others, but part of my religious upbringing included the belief that there was only one true god and that you’d better not even entertain the idea of recognizing, much less worshiping any others.

I’ve long believed that all these different gods from different religions that people know and worship are all the same god in different forms, so different people can relate to them. I don’t think one religion is right and the others are wrong, and I don’t think different ways of worship send you to heaven or hell. I don’t believe in heaven or hell anymore. The Angels told me long ago that we are not judged or punished after we die.

I’m pretty comfortable with my current belief system, which revolves around love, but every once in a while, something makes me stop and reconsider, reevaluate, and question my beliefs, which I think is a good thing. It’s uncomfortable to question long held beliefs, especially when there are punishments included that go along with those beliefs. It takes courage to question when you’ve been taught that to do so, leads to severe punishment.

I’ve shared that I’ve begun channeling different beings in addition to the Archangels, and I’ve been contacted by some who have been considered gods. At first it made me a little uncomfortable, taking me back to those stories of a jealous, wrathful god who punishes anyone who strays outside the fold. After speaking to them however, I knew that they weren’t evil or that I was in any kind of danger.

First of all, I’m under the protection of the Archangels, and they would never allow any entity to contact me if they meant me harm or did not have good intentions. Second, after I spoke to some of them, I found them to be very loving and accepting. None of them asked me to bow down to them or worship them. They didn’t ask me to do anything other than accept their help and guidance. They were loving.

We have a lot of hang-ups about deities, and a lot of us were taught that to consider different deities was the worst of sins. So, I asked the Archangels to clarify these ideas and give us some…



Jodie Helm

4X Top Writer , Archangel channel, Reiki Master, Bridge. I share the messages I receive from my guides here. My only religion is Love.