American Extremism

And the People Who Support It

Photo by Jorge Rojas on Unsplash

God save me from power hungry people who want to rule the world, or in this case, the country. The 2025 Conservative Manifesto has made a lot of headlines lately. I wrote my own article regarding their stand on education and posted it earlier this week, because education is something I know a lot about, having been directly involved in it for nearly thirty years.

I was debating leaving the rest of it alone and deferring to others’ views who know more about the others areas it addresses until this week when I saw a clip from a recent interview of Kevin Roberts, the head of the Heritage Foundation who authored the conservative plan that is referred to as a guide for the Trump presidency. He said this:

“We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless, if the left allows it to be.”

Chilling and ominous, don’t you think? My extended interpretation is, it will remain bloodless, if those who disagree with us submit to our demands. If you do not, we will (fill in the blank) you.” Arrest you? Replace you? Deport you? Imprison you? Shoot you? Kill you?

It begs the question, how far are these people willing to go to gain control and power, and what are they going to do to the people who disagree with them. Their leader announced a…



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