A New Kind of Spiritual Worker

The Archangels Describe Angelic Activator Practitioners


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I got an email from a friend today saying her Guides suggested she come to me for help and information regarding the term “Angelic Activation Practitioner.” She’d been told by her Guides that she had this gift, and she didn’t know what it meant. Neither did I, but the Archangels were extremely excited to answer the question and wouldn’t let me do anything else until I channeled (not in a pushy way, but very excited).

When I asked them about it, I learned some new information that I think you might be interested in, although I’m still learning about it and don’t have all the answers yet. Most of us have heard of light workers, way showers, etc. which describe different ways people on Earth are helping humanity and the planet, particularly with The Shift. This is a new descriptor — at least I’ve never heard of it before — and it has to do with connecting people with the Archangels.

Let me give you a little background about my connection with the Archangels. I always partner with them, whether I’m living a human life on Earth or in soul form. I don’t remember my past lives, but I’ve been told that I usually incarnate during difficult times. When I was born, I was already connected to the Archangels, but I didn’t realize the connection until a few years ago, which was according to my life plan. Once I could hear them, I found a new purpose in sharing the messages I channel from them. That was part of my life plan, as well.

I’ve shared many times that life plans are rarely overridden. The soul plans the life for specific reasons in a way that leads to spiritual growth. The human can override the life plan through free will, although it’s usually planned in such a way that leads them along the chosen path, and humans are not usually aware of the plan in place. I’ve also shared that this is a crucial time of change on Earth called The Shift. This is an extremely important time for Earth and humanity, and our actions can set us up for a new, better world. Everyone here right now volunteered to be part of these changes and help with The Shift.

My friend asked me to channel the Angels for more information about “Angelic Activation Practitioners,” and following is their response. It begins…



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