A Message from Mother Mary on Good Friday

Photo by DDP on Unsplash

A lot of people think Mary, the mother of Yeshua (Jesus), is a Catholic item, but that’s not true. I sought Mary out before I was Catholic, and I’m still going to her now that I’m no longer Catholic. I usually channel her when I need soothing and comfort. This is the first time I’ve ever channeled her when I asked for a message to share with others. Usually, it’s just between the two of us, but she’s so loving toward everyone, I thought you might like to hear from her, too.

Question: Mother, what would you like to tell people, whether in regards to Easter or anything else? I will share it with my readers and followers.


I address all of humanity when I say you are deeply and unconditionally loved by our Creator, by the Angels, by me, my Son, all the Ascended Masters, all of creation, and the universe in its entirety. We are all connected to each other. Let this knowledge lighten the many burdens you carry. There are so many who wish to help you with your struggles, and you are never alone.

Even better, you are beginning to help ease each other’s burdens. I know we in the high realms seem very far away to many of you, but look around. You have each other! You have us, too, but many of you



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